Kiem – The YouTube Vids
Video Format: Flash Video File (FLV)
Width: 320 pixels | Height: 240 pixels
Bitrate: Various

Audio Format: MP3 or AAC  (Mono or Stereo)
Overall Quality: Medium
Tracks: 14
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Approved by KIEMKEAM

Request to Obtain  (live 1983)
A Few Things  (live 1984)
Interview Cees IJzermans  (1985)
Doin’ Time  (live 1985)
It’s Working  (video clip 1985)
Pili Pili  (live 1985)
Doin’ Time  (video clip 1985)
Short Memories  (live 1985)
Solo Cees IJzermans  (live 1987)
The Moneyman 12″  (video clip 1986)
Clear It Up  (live 1987)
The Real It  (live 1987)
You Should Try  (live 1987)
Final Interview  (1989)

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